Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction swept the nation with books, CDs, and DVDs.  Everyone was looking to learn how to get what he or she wanted. There were promises of a better job, shiny jewelry, that new house, car, or even relationship.  Anything that your mind would desire you could get just with the deep desire for it. They promised if you just wanted it to happen it would! What a great idea! Well then why didn't each and every one of us achieve that financial freedom, or acquire that new position at work? Why didn't we meet our soul mate and live happily ever after?

Most of these ideas were very much correct; desire something, put your mind to it, and you will receive it.  Some even told us to do this at a subconscious level - another great piece of advice, but how do we do that? Your subconscious works on a different level then your logical mind.  It does not reason or analyze, it only associates and reacts. Your subconscious mind is also very literal, and its function is to protect you. Think of your subconscious like a small child playing T Ball where the parent yells, "Johnny keep your eye on the ball!"  Little Johnny listens to his parent and drops the bat and proceeds to actually walk to the ball and put his eye on it. So form what you want in a way that your subconscious will understand. Always keep in your mind what you do desire, never, I mean NEVER think of what you do not want to happen as your subconscious will not understand the words “don't” or “not”, so when you think "don't fall down", your subconscious only hears "fall down".  That is the law of attraction at work and you will fall down. 

Now we know how to word things to our subconscious, so let’s go even deeper. The way we change our subconscious mind is through repetition and emotion. Remind your self every day numerous times, exactly what you want.  Write it on a bathroom mirror, on your hand, in your phone with an alarm, and keep it going into your mind over and over - mind over matters!  When you see your reminder think about it and try to feel the emotion that goes with your desire.  For example, if you want a soul mate try and feel the love in your heart, the desire in your bedroom, and the happiness in the closeness. This will magnify the impact on your subconscious mind where the law of attraction grows into reality. 

One more rule of the law of attraction that we have not yet gotten into, we need to BELIEVE that this is what will happen and it is what we deserve. If we have emotions or blocks from the past this will change our ability to control our desires on a subconscious level. For instance, if we believe that we will never have wealth because we were told at a young age that we can't have things repeatedly ("there isn't enough money" or "we cannot afford it") or we witnessed actions like not wasting food by cutting the moldy parts off, that can hinder our beliefs that there will be wealth in our future. These things happening at a young age when our subconscious is most susceptible for imprinting, which in turn becomes a belief system that can control the rest of our lives even without ever giving this time period a conscious thought. So again, the only way to change this is through repetition and emotion. 

You can use the tools I talked about before - thinking of desires with strong emotion on a regular basis, and that will help, but that is a surface trick. You should also spend time relaxing and remembering that time when you were a child.  Remember the feelings and try to change them into something positive. Look back and tell yourself that you are worth all the things you desire. This is a hard task to accomplish on your own, so I recommend getting help from someone that understands the subconscious. A clinical hypnotist, hypnotherapist, or anyone that works with subconscious therapy, or your subconscious belief system, can provide assistance using trained methodical approaches.

Now you have all the information that you need - go manifest your desires!!

Let me introduce myself

My Name is Tamara and I am a clinical hypnotist with a cute little practice in Austin, TX. I have lived here for a month, and so far I LOVE it! This is a wonderful town with the motto "Keep Austin Weird". There are so many adventures and activities here. I really enjoy nature, learning new things, being creative, fun fashions, and so much more, so it looks like I finally found the right spot for me.

This blog will be based on whatever is going on in my head, in my life, or in my practice. I work daily to understand myself, my relationships, thoughts, and emotions, so I will share my journey of understanding with the world. I hope this will be an opportunity for someone somewhere to learn from my mistakes (there are quite a lot), or to have a place to go that will talk about the daily struggles of life on a deeper level while providing the remedy for the issue, and hope for the future.

I have gone through many different struggles in my life, and I have helped a great deal of people with theirs. I could have avoided a lot of my troubles by understanding on a deeper level what was really going on. I have a firm belief that we have much more control over our paths in this world, our emotions, relationships, physical bodies, behaviors, and all around well-being then most of us were led to believe. I have collected information that has been very beneficial to my happiness, and if just one person reads this blog and sees some sort of silver lining, some sort of benefit, it will be worth it.

Some of us have asked and searched for more and more information about how, who, and what can make us happy.  Some of us have not. I have learned so much about myself, about the way people interact and feel, I could go on and on, but I still only know just a little. I feel like the small parts that I know have helped me such a great deal that they should be shared. So, I would love to share my wonderful journey of ups and downs, of learning and growing, living and loving, and maybe you can learn as a wise person does; by learning it from somewhere else, instead of like a smart person; by making the mistakes that need correcting.

Thanks so much for reading! More to come soon! Have a wonderful day!