Why haven't my past goals worked out?

It is the first day of 2013, and there are a lot of people that have decided on changes in their lives. Some of us want to improve our health, some of us want to better our professional lives, maybe some want to give up working so much to spend more time with the people that we love. Setting goals and provoking change are good things. If your life is not what you want, change it! You are the one with the power.

Sounds easy.  For instance, if you want to improve your health a good place to start is to put down the snack food, eat better choices of foods, and go to the gym. Why do so many of us start out strong and a few weeks later we are back to our old habits? Maybe you have a subconscious belief system that is holding you back...

A subconscious belief system is usually created in your childhood when your mind doesn't have the full logic to accept what it wants and reject the rest.  It just soaks up everything. What if you decided as a child that you needed to be big?  Maybe your mom always told you that you are not big enough to do this or that, or maybe you decided that if you were big and strong you would not be hurt by the person that was hurting you. When you make a decision to be big under the circumstances that you need to be big to save you from something, your subconscious mind takes over and makes the decision to be big. There is now a belief system stuck there in your brain.  Now as an adult your conscious mind wants to live in a nice healthy body but your subconscious mind believes that it needs to be large to protect you. A conflict of interest. 

Another example is success or money. Say you are a woman with all the conscious desire to be successful, to make a lot of money and be looked at by your peers as a great professional.  You have everything that you need to accomplish that goal - you're smart, you have the right education, you have a good job, but for some reason promotions and other opportunities always seem to pass you by. Maybe you have a subconscious belief system that women shouldn't be successful and have money. 

Sounds silly right?  What kind of house did this woman grow up in?  Was the father successful? Did he believe that it was silly for women to work and have money and power? What do you think that your deeper mind would learn from a father like that? If you have everything else maybe your own subconscious belief system is holding you back. How would you succeed if the deeper part of your mind believed that you shouldn't? Sounds ridiculous, but if all the other variables are there you might be self-sabotaging because of a subconscious seed that was planted many years ago.

There are two ways to change a subconscious belief system: repetition and emotion. Repetition is fairly self explanatory, keep focusing on the positive, on what you do want. Over and over and over. Put reminders to focus on the positive, and keep those thoughts on the top of your mind. The emotion part is a little more difficult.  You need to remember those past emotions, those moments in your past where your subconscious made those beliefs, and then change that emotion. You can try to do this on your own by re-living the memory and putting logic back into the circumstance. For instance, if you have a belief system that you need to be big to protect yourself, remember the feelings that you had as a child and put some logic into them. Imagine the child tell the child the truth about the feelings being experienced. Releasing those past emotions and giving those events the truth that an adult can explain will help change the belief system.

Good luck to you on achieving your goals for the new year!

I believe that hypnosis is the best way to reach your subconscious mind. To find a great hypnotherapist to help guide you, first make sure they use both repetition and emotion. A lot of hypnotherapists just do the repetition part. They call it suggestion, this is only half the healing process. I read somewhere (The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, by Debbie Ford) that using just affirmations (suggestion), is like putting ice cream on poop, there is still that deeper emotion that is still there, and it eventually will come out.  I do recommend finding a hypnotherapist in your area, if there is not one available I offer Skype sessions. I am located in Austin, Tx. If you would like help finding a hypnotherapist in your area check out the NGH directory  or contact me and I will help you find a great hypnotist in your area.

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