Weight Control Tips

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Weight Control Tips 

-Get excited about healthy eating. Even if you are not really excited about eating healthy, fake it use your emotion to say YAY I am going to eat healthy! Even if the talk is in your mind, always be positive and excited about eating healthy.

-Get excited about exercise.  Act as if. So treat going to the gym as a treat, maybe it is a few minutes alone to settle your mind, maybe it is to be able to swim comfortably at the pool this coming summer, focus on the wonderful parts of what you are doing and pretty soon that will be all that is there.

-Share your healthy eating with your friends and family. Most people are going to be very excited and happy for you making the decision of changing your life for the better, so post pictures of your new colorful healthy dinners on facebook, tell your people when you reach a goal, their good positive reinforcements will help you on your path.

-Numbers. I recommend staying away from tracking your pounds, your body can reduce fat and gain muscle and not drop a pound. If you HAVE to use a number, use one that is not significant to you, for example if your goal weight is 135 pounds change it to 134, there will be less subconscious association with an "off" number like 134.

-Be careful on the words you are telling yourself. This is so very important! We all have self talk, most of us do not know how to get the most out of our self talk. Your subconscious mind only associates and reacts, so if you say lose, burn, drop, even shrink,  your subconscious mind usually has a negative reaction, it doesn't want to lose anything or burn no way! Always speak to yourself in a positive manner, you will be trim, slim, sexy and healthy! (This is why we say weight control, not weight loss)

-Picture yourself as you want to be. Daydream about the way you want your body to look, use good positive words, tell yourself you are sexy, healthy, slim, and trim. Use your imagination to see yourself doing the activities that you want to do, enjoy these visions, do them often especially on times of feeling negative.

-When you are eating give your body direction on what to do with your food. Before you eat just think to yourself that you will eat enough to have the energy that you need. Tell your body to use the good nutrients and eliminate the rest. 

-When you are working out concentrate on your body. "Lifting and rising" is a great way to think when working out your glutes, saying this to yourself in your mind will help your brain concentrate on the muscles you are using getting more result out of every movement. Think of your abs tightening with every sit up, your biceps growing with every curl, whatever your goals may be, training your mind as well as your body will help you see results that much faster.

Sometimes we have deep rooted beliefs inside of the subconscious part of our minds, telling our bodies that we have to be big, or we have to eat more. These beliefs usually come from an earlier time in our lives that we might not even consciously remember. This is what causes out weight to fluctuate so much one mind our conscious wanting to be slim, but our subconscious believing that we HAVE to be big, or emotionally consume. We have to work every day to change the beliefs!

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