Relationships and Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is mainly thought to be used for smoking, weight control, and various fears. In actuality, most of my clients come to me for relationship issues. Whether it be recovering from a divorce, current relationship hardships, or work and social associations that are affecting the clients happiness and overall well being.

You are the common denominator in all of your relationships. Once you change how you are reacting, your relationships HAVE to change. After coming to this realization most of my clients experience an extremely powerful sense of focus and control, knowing that NOW they have the ability to have relationships they desire.

How does hypnosis help? The hypnotherapist acts as a guide to navigate past experiences, and past relationships. We will discover the clients "role" in their relationship and where it was learned. After we discover the role that the client has become accustom to we will work together to change that role into the positive balanced person that the client truly is. Their part in the relationship will change, directly affecting the relationship and how it interacts with emotions and reactions.

Sally came into my office feeling completely defeated, on the verge of divorce, feeling hopeless, and unhappy.  Her husband was not the type to agree on therapy. She was working on the relationship alone. I assured her that it was quite okay to be here on her own because by her changing her role in the relationship she will change the relationship over all.  Sally is the youngest of 4 kids (one of them having special needs) and growing up she felt that her needs and desires were not as important as her siblings.  She brought this role into her marriage putting herself on the back burner and taking care of everyone in the family without ever doing anything for herself. She has been playing this role her whole life only to turn up at my office depleted and with a sense that she has been taken advantage of by the ones she loves most.  She never realized that she created this role from her very own childhood, she felt like a victim of her husbands selfishness and that her own children inherited this behavior from him.  When she began to see that she had been feeling this way her whole life, and she brought this role into her marriage this gave her the power and ability to change her relationship.  Together we used hypnosis to reprogram her reactions, and her role. Sally was no longer sitting back expecting to be walked on, she was able to speak up for what she needed. Sally discovered that her family was more then willing to be there and make her desires come true. Sally changed her role and it changed her relationship.

This is just one short example on how changing your subconscious belief system can change your outlook and can change your relationships. Using your subconscious we get directly to your emotional mind causing life long changes in a very short period of time. If you are having trouble in your relationship(s) call me for a free consultation we can see how hypnosis can apply to your unique situation.

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